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The San Diego Unified School District is committed to a community-based school reform model to elevate all schools within the district to higher levels of student achievementThis model empowers teachers, students, and parents within a cluster community to improve student achievement. The premise of the community-based model is that true school reform can only be successful if built on a solid foundation across grade levels and collaboration between schools and through active parent engagement in the learning process.

To implement the Board adopted Vision 2020 for Educational Excellence, this reform model will incorporate learning resources from national and global knowledge bases to deliver a balance of both academic and social learning. This approach will help students gain the academic confidence to take ownership for their education and put them on the path to lifelong success. The neighborhood schools cluster model will coordinate the efforts of all schools to work with students at each grade level to achieve success.

A Pre-K to Grade 12 Model for Building Academic and Social Skills

The San Diego Unified School Reform Model prioritizes the development of a core set of foundational skills at each level that prepare students for success in their educational careers. This model includes a complete integration of academic and behavioral supports through the use of "Response to Instruction and Intervention" (RTI²) which provide students with the skills needed for success.

The San Diego Unified School Reform Model seeks the integration of academic standards within and between grade levels. While articulation of students grade to grade is an important goal, the reform model emphasizes that students must master the skills and personal qualities necessary to be successful at the next level.

To support the success of this approach, RTI² strategies such as technology will be used to enhance and streamline student instruction and to support the teacher in the classrooms. Over the next five years, the District's i21 technology program will transform classrooms with digital tools designed to create an engaging and personalized learning environment.

Academic success will be strengthened though the implementation of A-G course work for all students, a strong biliteracy program and special programs to increase the graduation rate.

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